Gabriela Filippi

“Is there anyone who does not know the Tomášes? And who would not like to meet them at the cottage or in the Lucerna Palace? To experience meditation with them? To listen to the path of knowledge? To look into their eyes? To eat Mr. Eduard’s eggs and dumplings? Director Viliam Poltikovič has captured the time. Moments with them that are so powerful that we want to experience them and listen to them again and again. Until one day we hear the voice of Míla reprehending us not to drown in samadhi and to move on… I am grateful for the May All Beings Be Happy film which I believe brings human beings to happiness and knowledge.”

actress, author of the Healing Theatre, guide on the paths of the soul

Igor Chaun

“I would like to thank the filmmakers for this film. And perhaps it’s a good thing that it was released at this time… It’s literally as if you were with the Tomášes at their cottage and talked to them in person about the most important things… The screening and discussion with Viliam Poltikovič at the Gošárna meeting in October brought us a powerful experience… But it is necessary to reserve enough TIME AND CALM DOWN for those 138 minutes. And don’t worry about the duration, you’ll be sorry it’s over… ;)”

film director, the Goscha association