Maok is a musician, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, but most of all a person for whom music is an integral part of his life and the most significant component of his self-expression. His unique style is easily to be recognized in his dreamy, almost mystical compositions, even without knowing a specific piece. He is a popular and regular guest at meditation events organized by well-known Czech or Slovak spiritual figures. He says about his music, “Music is an expression of freedom and love to me. It is an expression of the wonder of the creative moment in which beauty arises in order to captivate us and lead us into the colorful and ever-changing world of our Soul – or in order to stop all movement within us so that we can dissolve into a single point, the fullness of the void which is also the pupil of our eye. It can lead us into the pulsating ecstasy of the burning Heart or take us on a journey of dance and movement where we merge with our bodies within our inner rhythms. Or maybe we’ll just have a pleasant nap.”