RNDr. Míla Tomášová

She was born in a small Moravian village on 24th September 1920. The remote countryside and frequent wanderings in the woods and fields gave her the opportunity for getting into close contact with nature. After graduating at the Faculty of Science at the Charles University, she worked in research and later as a clinical microbiologist. She has been involved in religious and yoga philosophy since her youth. She experienced her first spiritual immersion – samadhi – at the age of four, as she recounts in her book Beyond Time and Space. Since that experience, she had always felt God’s presence within her and all around her.

She has described her spiritual experiences in her books Beyond Time and Space, The Shimmer of the Void, The Light of Consciousness, The Inner Source, Encounters 1,2,3, Freedom of Spirit, and in her collection of mystical poems, The Transparent World. With her husband Eduard Tomáš, she has contributed to a number of books and lectures such as The Practice of Yoga Philosophy, Tracing the Golden Age and others. She is also the author of many philosophical speeches recorded on audio and audiovisual media.

Míla Tomášová’s books were written intuitively, inspired by unrestrained awareness of the universal unity. That is why they represent the most profound yogic or mystical teaching and speak directly to the heart. Harmonious blending of inner and outer life, blurring of the distinction between the spiritual and the material present their characteristic features. The presence of several levels of meaning in the author’s texts is the evidence of her authentic sense of interpreting spiritual experiences according to different levels of understanding among her readers. In her works, the author achieves remarkable harmony of exceptional content communication with rarely distinctive and soulful choice of expressive means.

Míla Tomášová’s verbal style is characterized by extraordinary narrative mastery and natural ease, by a gift for finding compelling analogies, subtle metaphors and apt parables to express pure spiritual truths and hard-to-describe spiritual experiences.