JUDr. Eduard Tomáš

He was born on 25th November 1908 in today‘s Przemysl, Poland to Czech parents with whom he later lived in several European countries. After graduation at the Faculty of Law, he worked first at the Municipal Office in Prague and then in Rakovník where he became a district governor. During the World War 2, he was involved in the resistance against the Nazi occupiers and was persecuted for his beliefs. In May 1945, he led the national revolution in Kladno. After the war, he worked in various offices until 1955 when he was expelled from his job by the communist regime. After some time spent as a temporary worker for various organizations, he found a job at the Railway Construction company.

His spiritual horizon was gradually opening up by means of books that were hard to find at the time. He greatly valued his friendships with renowned spiritual teachers such as Paul Brunton and later František Drtikol, as he recounts in his book Memoirs of a Mystic. His wife Míla Tomášová had a crucial influence on his inner development.

In 1963-70, Eduard Tomáš lectured three cycles: The Art of Peace of Mind, The Yoga of the Great Symbol and The Secret Teachings of Tibet that were received with great interest in the despair of life at that time. Later, when this activity was officially stopped along with onset of the normalization, these cycles continued to circulate as self-published books. At that time, a smaller circle of friends formed around the Tomášes. They kept on visiting them at their cottage in Jílové u Prahy. In this quiet place, the Tomášes were patiently, tirelessly and lovingly passing their spiritual experiences on to them.

After the restoration of democracy in 1990s, the opportunity for public activity emerged and within a few years, Eduard Tomáš became the foremost personality of the spiritual life of these days‘ Czech Republic. Especially his lectures in the Lucerna Palace of Prague were successful in uniting listeners of various spiritual orientations and paths in a common atmosphere of understanding and love.

The name of Eduard Tomáš is currently associated mainly with a number of works with spiritual themes – Milarepa, 999 Questions and Answers on the Path of Knowledge, 108 Meditations, Metaphysical Stories, Yoga of Mindfulness, Introduction to Integral Yoga, The Art of Peace of Mind, Yoga of the Great Symbol, Secret Teachings of Tibet, Spirit in the Mirror, The Mysterious Absolute, The Celestial Path, The Enlightenment, The View from the Other Side, The Way of Love, Let’s Create a World of Peace, Living Eternity – Memoirs of a Mystic II. The Practice of Yoga Philosophy, The Message and Tracing the Golden Age books were co-authored by Míla Tomášová, The Great Magic by Alexandr Popov. E. Tomáš is also the author of the The Paths of Self-Knowledge book – which became the basis for a radio series – and a book of memoirs, Memoirs of a Mystic, which was made into the same name series by the Czech Television. The Way of Realization was another television lecture series. He was also one of the personalities featured within the Czech TV‘s GEN – 100 Czechs of Today series, portraying notable public figures.

Most of the lectures and speeches on spiritual topics have been preserved in available audio recordings.

RNDr. Míla Tomášová

She was born in a small Moravian village on 24th September 1920. The remote countryside and frequent wanderings in the woods and fields gave her the opportunity for getting into close contact with nature. After graduating at the Faculty of Science at the Charles University, she worked in research and later as a clinical microbiologist. She has been involved in religious and yoga philosophy since her youth. She experienced her first spiritual immersion – samadhi – at the age of four, as she recounts in her book Beyond Time and Space. Since that experience, she had always felt God’s presence within her and all around her.

She has described her spiritual experiences in her books Beyond Time and Space, The Shimmer of the Void, The Light of Consciousness, The Inner Source, Encounters 1,2,3, Freedom of Spirit, and in her collection of mystical poems, The Transparent World. With her husband Eduard Tomáš, she has contributed to a number of books and lectures such as The Practice of Yoga Philosophy, Tracing the Golden Age and others. She is also the author of many philosophical speeches recorded on audio and audiovisual media.

Míla Tomášová’s books were written intuitively, inspired by unrestrained awareness of the universal unity. That is why they represent the most profound yogic or mystical teaching and speak directly to the heart. Harmonious blending of inner and outer life, blurring of the distinction between the spiritual and the material present their characteristic features. The presence of several levels of meaning in the author’s texts is the evidence of her authentic sense of interpreting spiritual experiences according to different levels of understanding among her readers. In her works, the author achieves remarkable harmony of exceptional content communication with rarely distinctive and soulful choice of expressive means.

Míla Tomášová’s verbal style is characterized by extraordinary narrative mastery and natural ease, by a gift for finding compelling analogies, subtle metaphors and apt parables to express pure spiritual truths and hard-to-describe spiritual experiences.